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Alumni Spotlight: Carter Brown (S’09)!

Carter Brown (S'09), the anchor on his Seneca7 Relay Team.
Carter Brown (S’09), the anchor on his Seneca7 Relay Team.

Congratulations to Spring 2009 alumnus Carter Brown on his impressive finish at The Seneca7 Relay Race this past weekend in Geneva, NY. He and his other 6 teammates, team “Fish Out of Water”, were just one team among 223 that entered the relay race. They had hoped to finish in the top 100 but ended up surprising and impressing themselves by finishing in 19th place overall and 8th place in the mixed team category! It took the team almost 10 hours to complete the race. Congratulations, Carter!

Carter Brown (far left) and his Seneca7 relay team.
Carter Brown (far left) and his Seneca7 relay team.

Alumni Spotlight: Hunter Foote (F’10)!

Hunter FooteFall 2010 Island School alumna, Hunter Foote, is launching her own media company called Laurel and wanted the opportunity to share her endeavor with The Island School alumni community.

Laurel was born out of a time of tricky transition for its founder, Hunter Foote. As someone who was about to step out of a university setting and into the “real world,” she felt lost about what to do with her life and who to go to for advice. Through Laurel, Hunter sets out to fix this for other young women like her.

Laurel is a multimedia platform. It is online now, soon-to-be in print, and will be social and mobile as well. Additionally, Laurel will have events like an annual Laurel Women’s Conference, dinners, and social gatherings to bring the Laurel community together. Laurel also hopes to provide a network of mentorship. They want a community of readers who are willing to mentor and be mentored. Readers will be able to connect with women in their field, in their stage of life, or with whom they have a kindred spirit at these events and social platforms.

While many women’s lifestyle magazines give great advice for this Friday night, Laurel is in it for the long haul – for the seasonal periods of transition. Laurel will be an outlet for mentorship for this hard time of transition and will provide relevant information to young women. 

Laurel will talk about the real stuff that help young women in their 20s live a full life in transition from career advice to how to cook when you step out into the world, where to travel to enjoy this time of freedom, and, most importantly, they feature Real Women–Laurel women who have made it through these times of transition.

If you are interested in learning more about Laurel, visit their website or Kickstarter page! Best of luck to you, Hunter! We can’t wait to hear about the future of Laurel and all of your other successes!

Alumni Invasion!

The Island School has been lucky enough to welcome back so many of our amazing alumni over these past few weeks–it’s been an alumni invasion!

In February, Willie Drury (S’10) sailed into Triangle Cut with two of his friends and shipmates. The three of them have been sailing south since they left Annapolis earlier this winter and we were happy to have them on campus for a few days. We wasted no time putting them to work…

Zach Jones, Willie Drury (S’10), Trey Warren “earning their keep” at The Island School when they stopped over during their sailing trip.

Grace Fowler (F’11) and Anne Vetter (S’11) became friends at Colby College and decided to make great use of their spring break. They escaped the never-ending winter in Maine and spent a some time with us on Eleuthera!

Anne Vetter (S'11), Grace Fowler (F'11), Chris Maxey
Anne Vetter (S’11), Grace Fowler (F’11), Chris Maxey

We welcomed our most recent visitor, Connor Boals (F’03), earlier this week. Connor works for CNN and is on-site doing a piece with Dr. Edd Brooks at Cape Eleuthera Institute. Earlier this year, Connor worked with The Island School to produce a feature for the “Wish You Were Here” series CNN ran. In addition to having the opportunity to reconnect with The Island School campus, Connor also caught up with fellow F’03 alumnus and Island School mathematics teacher, Catherine Klem!

Catherine Klem (F'03), Connor Boals (F'03)
Catherine Klem (F’03), Connor Boals (F’03)


Island School Student & Faculty Alumni Reunite at Colorado College

Last week, we heard from former Island School art teaching fellow Michael Arnsteen. He was asked to be a Visiting Artist at Colorado College for the first week of the month, which included giving a lecture and teaching 3 workshops. Upon walking into a workshop, Michael noticed a familiar face–Island School Spring 2012 alumna Elizabeth Ellinger, who was a student when Michael worked at IS! He also got together with other S’12 alumni who go to Colorado College, Robbie Balloch and Brendan James and they sent us this great photo.
Elizabeth Ellinger (S'12), Michael Arnsteen, Robbie Balloch (S'12), Brendan James (S'12)
Elizabeth Ellinger (S’12), Michael Arnsteen, Robbie Balloch (S’12), Brendan James (S’12)

Do you have any small world encounters with other Island Schoolers? Send them to us at alumni@islandschool.org!

Alumni Spotlight: Margot Werner (Su’13)!

Earlier this week, Chicago Blackhawk players, staff and members of the greater Illinois hockey community gathered together at the 28th Annual High School Scholarship Awards Luncheon to honor the three high school recipients of the Keith Magnuson Blackhawk Alumni Scholarship Award – one of which was Summer Term 2013 Island School alumna, Margot Werner! Margot, a long-time hockey player and Chicago native, shared her acceptance speech at the luncheon on Monday.

Congratulations, Margot! We wish you the best of luck finishing up your senior year at Latin School of Chicago and can’t wait to see what great things you accomplish next!

Island School Morning Exercise in Boston

Morning exercise is the only way to start your day. Just ask Cape Eleuthera Foundation employees Mary Assini and Cam Powel and Island School parents Ernie & Kim Parizeau (Kate F’03, Doug S’06, Molly S’10, Sam S’14) and Sally Tyrie (Baylor S’14)! Last week, IS parent and Crossfit One Nation owner, JC del Real (Caroline, Su’13), held a special Island School work out for this crew at his gym. Although they were missing the warm weather of Eleuthera–and the rocks and sand digging into their backs while doing their sit ups–it was a great morning exercise nonetheless!

Ernie Parizeau, JC del Real, Mary Assini, Kim Parizeau, Cam Powel, Sally Tyrie
Ernie Parizeau, JC del Real, Mary Assini, Kim Parizeau, Cam Powel, Sally Tyrie

Once the weather warms up, we are planning to have an Island School event at JC’s crossfit gym for Boston-area alumni, parents and friends–stay tuned for details!

Rachel Miller Attends Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Meeting

Rachel Miller beside the Jekyll Island Convention Center where the Sea Turtle conference was held.
Rachel Miller beside the Jekyll Island Convention Center where the Sea Turtle conference was held.

Earlier in February, Rachel Miller, the Research Assistant for the Sea Turtle Conservation Program, attended the Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Meeting in Jekyll Island, GA, a five-day conference that focused on the newest sea turtle research from the Southeast United States. In addition to learning about the newest sea turtle research, Rachel had the opportunity to meet with top scientists, upcoming scientists, and Island School alumni. At the conference, Rachel met IS alumna Sarah Kollar (S’07) who is working with the Trash Free Seas division of the Ocean Conservancy in Washington, DC.  It’s awesome to see where Island School has reached! You can find out more about SERST here. 

Alumnus James Murray (F’11) Returns to the Cape as an Intern

“Just over three years ago I was rumbling along in a van on my way from Rock Sound to The Island School, clutching my backpack tightly and wondering what I had gotten myself into. I had no idea that the next three and a half months would be the most challenging, rewarding and enlightening time of my life.

I attended The Island School as a student in the fall of my junior year in 2011 and I’m lucky to be back this spring as an intern with the Sea Turtle Research and Conservation team. It’s truly amazing to be back at a place that had such an impact on my education and overall growth as an individual. No matter where I walk on campus I’m flooded with memorable experiences, lessons I learned, and friends I made while at The Island School. The reason my Island School experience was so memorable is the same reason I found myself applying to be an intern for this spring. The unique nature of this place fosters an exceptional learning and professional environment that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world. Not to mention the ability to learn and experience rich Bahamian culture through the organization’s efforts to connect with the greater community. It was especially cool to arrive on campus and see how the organization has already grown over the past few years to include Hallig House, CSD, and the new intern housing under construction. I’m excited to see what the next several months will bring.” -James Murray

Alumni Spotlight: Francis Joyce (F’07)

Francis Joyce attended The Island School in Fall 2007 and went on to continue his studies at Bowdoin College, graduating in May 2013. Since then, he has been working in Doug McCauley’s lab at UC Santa Barbara. Part of his work has entailed helping with and co-authoring this paper on marine defaunation, which is animal loss in the world’s oceans. It was published in Science Magazine a few days ago and was also featured in a popular New York Times article.  This paper has even stimulated international news regarding concern over significant degradation of the oceans.

It is incredible to see our alumni like Francis making a difference world-wide, beyond the shores of Eleuthera. Congratulations, Francis! We can’t wait to hear about the work you do next!