100 Tips and Tricks for 100 Days at The Island School by Isabelle Buroker

  1. Always always always wear a bathing suit during exploration time.
  2. Don’t be late to art class.
  3. When deciding over seconds or med check always choose seconds.
  4. Ketchup makes everything taste better. So does salt and pepper.
  5. Star gaze.
  6. Bug net bug suit (nothing else needs to be said).
  7. Roc the croc.
  8. Buy a pint of ice cream at the marina store and eat it all by yourself.
  9. Only put up the rainfly on the tent if it’s actually going to rain.
  10. Ocean showers are fun.
  11. Lighthouse sand will appear in your bed weeks after kayak.
  12. Don’t touch the poisonwood, just don’t do it.
  13. Keep your fleece. It gets chilly.
  14. Bring a fan.
  15. Don’t be afraid to cry.
  16. Don’t go anywhere without a water bottle.
  17. Get lost in the inner loop.
  18. Hide your wrappers.
  19. Get enough sleep but…
  20. Choose free diving over sleep.
  21. Actually choose anything over sleep. You can sleep when you get home.
  22. You can go a day or two (or three) without showering (probably not four though.)
  23. Reflect.
  24. The key to good dish crew is lots of soap and awesome music.
  25. Even if you get connected to the Internet don’t use it for social media.
  26. Perform at coffee house.
  27. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  28. Call your family during phone time. They miss you.
  29. Baby oil = even more bug protection.
  30. Research is important, even though you don’t get a grade.
  31. Sing as loud as you can in the dorms.
  32. Don’t count the days.
  33. Get to know the staff including CEI, CSD, and Deep Creek staff.
  34. Get cups from Mr. Henry’s.
  35. Your bike is the key to IS freedom. Take care of it.
  36. Take time for yourself.
  37. Appreciate toilet paper when you have it.
  38. Don’t be late to dish crew.
  39. Buy Peter Z’s cookies. It’s worth it.
  40. Get weird.
  41. Don’t count the time make the time count.
  42. Puddle jump.
  43. Take pictures but don’t obsess over taking them.
  44. Never ever worry about how much food you are eating.
  45. Watch movies curled in bed with a friend.
  46. Go in the ocean every single chance you get.
  47. Oatmeal Fridays are the bomb.
  48. Sing your heart out during the national anthem.
  49. Wind is a really really good thing.
  50. A grape fruit rind makes the well water taste ten million times better.
  51. Embrace your solo. When else will you be able to spend two days on your own.
  52. Journal.
  53. Repeat the question.
  54. Eat off the plants on campus.
  55. Oatmeal Friday rocks.
  56. Don’t lose your headphones.
  57. Sit in a hammock on the porch.
  58. Smell your clothes to determine wearability.
  59. Dress up for fancy dinners.
  60. Querencia is awesome. Take it seriously.
  61. Hug.
  62. Play cards.
  63. Look like a scrub and own it.
  64. Sleep in on a Sunday and don’t regret it.
  65. Go to church.
  66. Be patient.
  67. Read.
  68. Ask Questions.
  69. Don’t forget laundry day under any circumstances.
  70. Stay up late.
  71. Don’t break the nature.
  72. Stretch.
  73. Don’t obsess over the time.
  74. Take your watch off.
  75. Watch the sunrise and the sunset.
  76. Cover yourself completely with sand.
  77. Beware of the DIT van stench.
  78. Only wear shoes when 100% necessary.
  79. Get mojo and take everyone else’s music.
  80. Flush the toilet but save water.
  81. Do your history readings.
  82. Meditate.
  83. Avoid the poo poo garden.
  84. Sand awareness.
  85. Share your clothes.
  86. Share in general.
  87. Cuddle.
  88.  Beware of sand bears.
  89. Sing loud and proud during the Bahamian national anthem.
  90. You’re going to lose stuff. It’ll be ok.
  91. Don’t do your DOL at 10:25 the night before.
  92. Don’t do any homework at 10:25 the night before.
  93. Go triking in the horseshoe.
  94. Scrambled brownies are delicious.
  95. Cheer your heart out during the half marathon/ super swim.
  96. Challenge yourself.
  97. Be present.
  98. Say thank you.
  99. Be honest to yourself and to others
  100. Remember this is your family for 100 days. Love them.