Another Eleutheran Sunrise

Another sunrise, another run swim. It almost seems like we are finally getting into a routine.

After battling the waves and learning how to drain a kayak in the middle of the ocean we were asked the question, “What did today teach you?” My answer would definitely have to be that that strength is not everything and that even the most strenuous activities require more of a soft touch. Kayaking was truly amazing; it allowed us to gain a personal connection with the environment, while learning a new skill. It felt like we were captains of our own mini ships, in full control of our speed and direction.

Even though it’s always fun relaxing at one of the many beaches at school, it was eye-opening to go out and see the settlements of South Eleuthera. We headed straight to the airport, but unfortunately we had arrived there too late: it had already been shut down for a few decades. We learned a lot about South Eleuthera’s tourism decline on the car ride over to our next destination. The blue hole was a sight to see—truly breathtaking.

Everything is becoming more comfortable. Though it is only our sixth day, we already feel like a family.

-Rebecca & John