Diving and Thriving

8 o’clock never felt so good. Day Four was our first sleep-in of the term, although tons of students opted to run and continue to physically stretch themselves. As the sun grew hotter, K1 and K2 prepared to SCUBA dive and K3 and K4 were off on their down-island and kayak adventures. The five veteran divers were quick to get ready and were eager to embark on yet another thrill ride in the Saddle, while the rest of the novice divers worked diligently on their open-water skills, pushing towards their certification.

day 4 pic

After another great day, a delicious dinner and dish-crew a capella, our first Natural History of Marine Ecology class rolled around. The classroom structure was unique and quickly began to teach us the importance of one of the three pillars of the Island School: Developing a Sense of Place. As soon as class commenced, the central theme of asking questions became evident, as Peter hysterically disagreed with all of our answers to his question, “Why do we teach you to breath underwater?” This encouraged us to keep thinking and come to a conclusion as a whole.

Each day continues to help us grow academically and physically, as we learn new and different techniques to enhance our learning experiences. We keep pushing our limits and impressing ourselves everyday by overcoming all of the challenging but compelling obstacles down here on South Eluethera. #FUNINTHESUN

-Evie and Nate