Student Update September 23, 2013

by Harrison Rohrer

We just got back from a massive capture the flag game, which spanned all the way from campus to triangle cut half a mile away. Swimming and running to tag opposing players while still trying to listen for my own teammates coming with the flag proved to be extremely difficult on such a large area, which is probably why the caciques (student leaders) were allowed to organize this event as our morning exercise. Yesterday was our free day, so after a long night of music and dancing on Saturday most of us slept in for a while. When I woke up, I joined a group of guys heading out to the Conch House, a local restaurant where we ordered stacks of pancakes and bacon. Having eaten like kings, we all biked to the current cut, which was flooding at the time and provided an awesome lazy-river snorkel to get the morning going. We headed backĀ  and finished up some homework before going to brunch, only a few hours after breakfast. After eating, the boys had a dorm bonding afternoon with our faculty dorm head, Peter, where we all made teams of two and competed in many sports and activities to determine a victorious pair. I happened to be with Peter. We competed in ping pong, polo (using tennis rackets and an orange), bocce, and fruit ninja, winning each match except for bocce. When that was done, I went snorkeling to capture some fish for the dining hall aquarium. The nets were really hard to maneuver underwater, so CJ and I were only able to catch two fish, a fairy basslet and a bluehead wrasse. On my way out I picked up a west-indian sea egg because our fish count was so poor. I came back for dinner, and then went to presentation on seahorse research in Florida and the Bahamas. What a free day!