The 48 Island School S.13 students smile all together one last time before kayak rotations begin on Monday!

Student Update April 20, 2013

Today will be the last day I write for the blog, as I leave Monday morning for my eight-day kayak trip.  We are wrapping up the regular academic weeks, as groups leave for kayak and down Island trips.  Yesterday was a full day of classes, to make up for the all day symposium on Thursday.  In Histories we are starting our tourism unit, so we assessed past and present tourism in The Bahamas.  We looked at old brochures of abandoned resorts and pamphlets from the omnipresent Atlantis.  We have a unique opportunity to travel down Island to explore the tourism and cultural scene of a separate part of the Island, and apply what we have learned in Histories to our surroundings. The Down Island trip will be three days of exploring and learning more about the tourism here on Eleuthera. Half of the students will have regular academics for two-weeks while the first two kayaks and down island trips happen, and then the process will switch.  Today and tomorrow will be the last time we will be all together for three weeks as these rotations happen, so we are all preparing for the journeys a head of us. Yesterday afternoon we had advisory time and my advisory swam and paddled around boathouse cut to enjoy a relaxing last advisory.  We ate some snacks and splashed around with Grey’s and Maria’s advisory as well.  Advisory is always a great time to explore Eleuthera or enjoy what campus has to offer.