Student Update April 16, 2013

On Saturday morning, after an intense workout of abs with Scottie, we had our morning academic classes.  In the afternoon, we prepared for our midterm check-ins, which will be on Tuesday and gathered our work for our portfolios. This is a time for each student to have one on one time with teachers to discuss what is going well and what areas could be improved upon.  It is a unique opportunity to talk with teachers about our academic life here.

Both dorms had deep cleans after we finished our work and ate some cookies that snack chores, Dale and Jack, made for us.  This clean consisted of pulling all the bunks off the walls and sweeping everywhere.  We wiped down all of our furniture, changed our sheets, and made the dorm new.  Along with that, the girls elected our new dorm head, congratulations Noelle! After we were done, we had exploration time until 6 o clock circle.

After dinner we had our Saturday night activity. The activity that we took part in, is an Island School tradition. At 7:15, we all grabbed our bikes and followed Ashley to High Rock as the sun was setting below the horizon.  We arrived as a group and circled up to share the moment together.   Becky explained that we would be jumping off high rock one at a time, and as we jump, to shout one personal thing we desired to change or have happen here at The Island School.  As the stars began to appear, Becky shared and inspiring quote about change and progress.  We stood together, united as a community listening and reflecting on our time here at The Island School.  When it was time to jump, we listened to what each person wanted to work on, and cheered as they jumped off.  One by one we gathered in the cool sea and floated together under the beautiful clear sky.  It is truly a moment I will never forget.  Riding back to campus with flickering headlamps, we made our way to Boys Dorm Beach where we ended a beautiful night with communal bonfire and s’mores.

Sundays, being our free days, people slept in, worked on some homework, explored the Island, or took some time off to read.  After our noon brunch, which is my favorite meal here at The Island School, the girls went over to Hallig Hall to have ice cream sundaes made by our Caciques! It was a wonderful treat and a great time to hang out with just the girls.  The rest of the afternoon, a large part of the community went to Fourth Hole Beach to relax in the sun before study hall began at night. It was also Scottie’s Birthday, so his advisory was very kind and baked him a cake. Overall it was a wonderful weekend that was filled with community bonding and exploration!