Student Leadership Update – New Cacique Council Selected

Each week, a group of students is selected for their unique potential as leaders to come together as the 5 student Cacique Council, “Cacique” meaning leader in ancient Lucayan. During that week, the group will plan special activities for their peers, run morning and evening circles, facilitate communication between students and faculty, and fulfill other important roles as needed. Members of the council are welcomed into the new role during Community Meeting, in which a public acknowledgement of each individual’s leadership qualities is read aloud. Enjoy these “Cacique Pass-Offs” written by last week’s Cacique Council. Join us in welcoming the next group of young leaders: Noelle, Hannah, Brad, Jack, and Sarah H.

I have no doubt in my mind this next outstanding individual will make an excellent Cacique. Her amazing energy and spirit is contagious between anyone she is with. Whether she’s telling stories to a running group, or performing ridiculous dances at dinner contests, she never fails to cheer people up and get people motivated. The vigor she brings to every task makes any challenge seem small. She has shown us all what it means to create an “intentional community.” Congratulations to Noelle for being elected to this week’s Cacique Council.

Hannah has really stood out for her positive attitude. She is always getting involved and trying new things like free-diving. She lead the way for the girls to get hands-on and involved with the pig harvest. She is so open and welcoming to everyone in the dorm, and she always has a comforting word or two up her sleeve. Overall, whether determined to always do her very best or to get finally get Becky in gotcha, Hannah was a no-brainer in picking this week’s Caciques.

Brad has been an amazingly active leader so far here at The Island School. His positive and determined attitude has been incredibly helpful during the tougher jobs. Especially during our first deep clean when he took on jobs that he wasn’t asked to, but did them willingly and without complain, and still maintained his sense of humor through ought the entire clean.  Ever since the first day he has always had the desire to come up with ideas that grow the Island School community together. The boys barbecue and also the football league are just some of this Brad’s designs that have brought us all closer.

This student is a silent leader, but a booming force on the soccer field. He lead his team to the finals in Advisory world cup. He is always getting A’s on his research reading notes, and isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty when we need to cut up more bait. He pulls this community together. I’m proud to announce Jack as a member of the next Cacique Council.

Sarah Haselton has shown great leadership this semester so far. She is giving, respectful, and very fun to be around. In the dorm she provides a positive attitude and is always willing to help out wherever she can. She has mastered finding a balance between having fun and being serious when necessary. She is extremely supportive during swim track, always cheering for everyone, even though she finished much earlier than the rest of us. Even when she had an absurdly large mosquito bite on her face, she was able to maintain a positive attitude and even laugh about it. I am confident that she will make a great Cacique and show her leadership skills through this coming week.