Student Update November 30, 2012

Continuing the trend of lasts, yesterday was our last class for Human Ecology Final Projects. Jack and I finished up our inner loop project. We were finally able to put the signs up around the inner loop and we also cleared up several trails for future explorers. I can’t wait for today’s Human Ecology extravaganza and show what we have accomplished. We will be giving short presentations about each of our projects, on a rotating schedule all afternoon. And, we will be hosting local students guests from Deep Creek Middle School and Central High School.

In the afternoon, I was with my awesome advisory and we worked on our Demonstrations of Learning that we will present together on Monday. The DOLs are our final assessments, showing what we have learned here for the past three months. People can do Power Points, speeches, or any other creative way to express what they have learned.

Afterwards, I went with my kayak group, K2 (wahoooooo) to eat dinner early, and leave for our night dive. We spent a lot of time on the boat reminiscing about the wonderful 8-day kayak and down island trip we had. I was geared up with my wet suit and a change of clothing in hand for after the dive. When we finally jumped in,  it was weird to be surrounded by pitch black water. It was much different from the clear blue water I was used to. One of the highlights from our dive was when we went to bottom, turned off our flashlights, and splashed around. Suddenly, the water around us lit up with phosphorescence.  These tiny organisms glow and made the dark water sparkle all around us. It was like being surrounded by a sky of stars, but in the dark water. In addition, it was amazing to see so much marine life active in the night.