Student Update November 18, 2012

After morning exercise on Thursday, all of the research groups gave their presentations, and they all went very well.  In the afternoon we met with our parents and our teachers to talk about our classes, and how we are going.  I thought this time was great because that is the only time the whole semester where my parents interact with both me and my teachers, and it was good way to communicate how I am doing in my classes, and where there is room for improvement.  On Thursday night when the parents were at a cocktail party, the students and siblings watched Finding Nemo in the Pres. Room, which was a nice break from the busy schedule we had been having.

Friday we went on a run/bike/walk to high rock, where everyone jumped in and swam around for a little bit.  We had a nice breakfast on campus before going to the directors’ presentation, and then Advisor meetings.  In the afternoon, we had optional activities, like seining and long-lining for sharks, scuba diving, snorkeling, and fly fishing.  I went scuba diving with my dad, which was a really cool experience because we had never done something like that together before.  Friday night we had the coffeehouse and slideshow. It liked seeing all the different talents in the community that people have, that not many people knew about, like Christina’s singing, or Remington and Maren’s dancing.  Girls’ dorm performed a rendition of “my favorite things” Island School Version, so hopefully people enjoyed it.  I loved watching the slideshow and seeing the pictures and videos of everyone being reunited with and seeing their families over the course of the weekend.

Yesterday was our day off, and we were able to go anywhere on the island that we wanted to with our families.  I took my parents to the Hatchet Bay Caves, and to snorkel with the sea horses.  We then continued all the way north to see the Glass Window Bridge, the narrowest part of the island, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.  The waves were crashing of the rocks, and crashing under the bridge where the two meet.  We then went to dinner at Tippy’s a restaurant in Governor’s Harbor, and had great Bahamian food, and saw a lot of other Island School families.  One of my favorite parts of Parents’ Weekend was meeting other student’s parents and seeing how they’re similar to their parents and families, because that is something that we never see here at all. I enjoyed the time that I spent with my parents this weekend, but I think it was the perfect amount of time, and I am ready to get back with our small community for the next two and a half weeks and enjoy our remaining time together.