Student Update November 13, 2012

These past few days on campus have been filled with preparation for Parents’ Weekend.  We are spending a lot of time setting up the art show, and setting work done on our Human Eco projects.  Not just the students, but everyone on campus has been working hard to make sure campus looks its best.  Students have been talking about what they are going to do with their parents on Parents’ Weekend.  I am excited to go scuba diving with my parents and to take them to some of the sights that we saw on our Down Island trip, like the Hatchet Bay cave, and a snorkeling spot with seahorses.  It will be interesting to meet everyone else’s parents, too.  While I am excited for Parent’s Weekend, and can’t believe I get to see them tomorrow, it is going to be weird having my parents in a place that is so separate from my life at home, and often feels disconnected. [slideshow]

Yesterday afternoon we had one of our final Community Outreach classes.  In grade 9, we made food before arriving at DCMS, and then we went to a beach with our buddies to eat all of the food that we had made.  It was a great way to wrap up the class, and was really rewarding to relax after all of the effort we had put in.  We also brainstormed ways that we could better improve the food situation on South Eleuthera, and a lot of people had ideas that if we had more Farmers’ markets, and if seeds became more available, more people would be able to eat locally.  Even when we leave Eleuthera, hopefully our buddies will be able to implement some of the ideas that we came up with to improve South Eleuthera.