Student Update November 08, 2012

Over the past few days on campus, everyone has been really excited to get started on our Human Ecology final projects. We had our first meeting on Monday morning to talk about issues around campus, Eleuthera, and back home, which could use improvement.  After discussion, we found other people who had similar interest, and then talked about potential solutions.  My group, which also includes Maren and Remington, is trying to come up with a way that students can wash some of our own more urgent laundry on campus (exercise clothes, stains, etc.) without taking away business from the local business that washes our laundry every week.  It has been interesting to listen to the other projects that students have in mind, and exciting to see ways that the impact of our community is going to be improved!

After Human Eco on Monday, we went to DCMS for Community Outreach.  My grade, grade 9, was originally going to organize a farmers market for local farmers on South Eleuthera, but due to the hurricane, most local farmers did not have crops that they could sell.  Instead, we used plants that we have started to grow and delivered them to people living in Tarpum Bay and Rock Sound who had all of their plants destroyed in the hurricane.  We only have two more CO classes left, but it has been great to get to know our buddies, and we are all looking forward to the last two classes.

All the students are really excited to see our families during Parents Weekend.  Led by our art show curators Phoebe, Jack and Ryan, we have been spending a lot of time getting ready for the art show. We just decided on our theme for the show.  We are working on transforming the octagon at CEI into our gallery.  This week before Parents Weekend is also vital in our training for the Half Marathon and Super Swim.  This morning on swim track, we went back to Triangle Cut, the place where we did our timed swim test on the first day of school.  It was great to see how much everyone has improved.  The water is definitely colder than it was at the beginning of the semester. Lanti, my swim buddy, and I decided that it would be a good idea to wear our wet suits to swim track this morning, which definitely backfired.  It was much more difficult to move our shoulders, but at least the water was never cold.  Saturday will be our longest swim yet, so I am both nervous and excited for that!