Eleutheran Explorers Arrive and Thrive

Summer time means camp time, and the Eleutheran Explorers – 17 youngsters from both the US and Bahamas – have jumped right in to life here on the rock. In their first two days on Eleuthera, campers have navigated the waters they now call their backyard, identifying fish and other sea creatures at both the wreck and current cut; competed against each other in a scavenger hunt around campus while learning about sustainability and designing islands of their own; experienced firsthand the formation of ooids on the sandbar; and have even found time to enjoy a Sunday night snack of S’mores around the campfire.


Below are several excerpts from journals campers have been keeping:

We just came back from snorkeling it was really fun. The river was very strong we didn’t even have to swim … I have had a good week and because I am one of the caciques I got told we are going to have a bonfire tonight … We just had a lot of fun we roasted marshmallows and looked at the stars. –Jade

The Bahamas is one of the beautifulest islands in the world. Many Bahamians use the island’s resources like animals and fish. Tourism has skyrocketed in the past 50 years because of our beautiful island. That explains why it is one of the best in the Caribbean. –Blake, on the Islands of Life video

Today at The Island School I had a lot of fun. We did relay races for swimming, and our leader even built our own foursquare court. This day is not over and has been awesome already. –Oliver

In the coming days, campers will join some of the research teams at CEI, dissecting lionfish, snorkeling the cage, and even turtling! Stay tuned as they continue to “explore” Eleuthera!