Daily Update May 29, 2012

Monday was our final day of a few of our courses for the semester. In literature class we shared our Hero’s Journey Poems, based on an IslandSchoolpersonal journey in the style of the poetic voice of Derek Walcott author of Omeros. Each student seemed hesitant to stand up at the podium, but someone had to go. When it came to my turn my heart started to race and my voice became us easy, but I got up there. I spoke of whole new world filled with guidance, consumed with challenges overwhelmed with goals, and facing the brink of return. It was my Island School, my passion about the transformation and confidence I have gained here guided my poetic voice. It seemed that each student that wearily waddled up to that podium left with passion and closure. Verbally you can share you vision, emotions, and passion truthfully and clearly. This realization will give me the confidence I need to embrace my future with faith that I can succeed come transitioning home.

“Grains” by Mattie McAlpin

It was silent. Nerves were racing in every limb.
No one spoke; perhaps they didn’t know what to say.
We dove in as one and now just a knee high swim.

Could the bonded twelve part? Is it time to separate,
into a new world? A population of one.
Megan and Brady guided us down the beach way,

Megan simply pointed, my spot in the bright suns
rays. I watch my new family turn to sand grains each
moment they disappeared down the beach. Like shielding guns

exploring my motions, taking me home, beseeching
at me I tried to push away the old. Emotion
suffocated my thoughts. Home at last, at the beach

nearly on top, where I receive my growing poison.
It began with a slow drip, turning to pools.
Weakness devoured my body and every notion.

Lighting and thunder were in a vicious quarrel, fooled
and quite helpless. My hands began to wrinkle,
pleading for relief. My breath couldn’t be soothed

it increased its pace uncontrollably. Sinking.
Then grains of sand enlarged down the beach, I glowed.
I need not long for home, reunited and thanking