Daily Update May 14, 2012

Weekend Recap: Saturday was an eventful day with Research in the morning and then Human Ecology in the afternoon. In the morning each research group presented to faculty and CEI in preparation for the presentation they will give over parent’s weekend. Every group received feedback on their Power Point Presentations and on their delivery. It was a great way to hear other points about our work and better ways to facilitate to others what we have done. Saturday afternoon we had a large chunk of time to work on our Human Ecology projects. Felipe and I went out with faculty guidance and speared lionfish. We are trying to show an alternative use of lionfish other then eating them.


Our group is catching lionfish and then fishing with them to see if they are effective as bait. We will then facilitate that information to local fisherman. As of right now, most local communities still don’t know that lionfish can be eaten. Fishermen won’t spear lionfish if they can’t sell them, but if they know they can be used as bait then they will spear them. Saturday night, multiple Community Outreach groups had their the informational events they have been planning all semester. I went with the Lionfish CO group. They went to a local restaurant to give a demonstration about proper handling techniques and how to filet lionfish. They event also promoted the eating of them. It was a successful night because the restaurant agreed to now start selling lionfish.

Sunday was our day off, but students still found many things to do. Some groups went free diving and spear fishing lead by Justin Symington. Another group in the afternoon played basketball with some local people in Deep Creek. Overall it was a fun weekend. Everyone on campus is looking forward to seeing their parents on Wednesday!