Daily Update, May 7, 2012

On Saturday night kayak rotations officially ended. Kayak groups 1, 2, and 3 were returning from watching the sunset as K4 emerged from the Boathouse. They had just finished the long process of cleaning their gear. It was hard to recognize them because they had just come off their solo; meaning they all were extremely tan. K4 talked about how it rained for the first three days of their trip, but they continued pushing through it and ended up having a great time. To celebrate everyone back on campus, we watched a movie and devoured ice cream and brownies during intermission.

Students continue to tell stories to each other of their solo. The highlights include: Felipe Gomez slept on his pool toy mattress (his personal item), Sterling Wright made a rope swing and bracelets, Annie Obrecht sang Adele to herself, Kyle Titsworth built a shelter out of trees and palm fronds, and Taylor Lundeen tried to sleep for 48 straight hours. Overall everyone enjoyed the experience and had some time to reflect on ourselves, our experience so far, and what time we have left.