DCMS Grade 9′s are Boarding School-Bound!

We all have been waiting in anticipation for the five Deep Creek Middle School students who applied to boarding schools in the United States to hear back from the admissions offices. We are proud to announce that all five students who applied have received placements and scholarships from the schools to continue their studies abroad next year!
  • Ashley Gibson – St Margaret’s School, VA
  • Moesha Leary – Christchurch School, VA
  • Lionel Johnson – Woodberry Forest, VA
  • Yanni Giannakopoulos – The Ross School, NY
  • Treshae Clarke – Wilbraham and Monson Academy, MA
Thank you to all of those who helped in some part of the process whether as mock-interviewers or to homestay families in the US who host on long-weekends! And congratulations to Ashley, Moesha, Lionel, Yanni, and Treshae!