Cacique Update December 4, 2011

by Caciques John Morris and Annie Bryan

The morning started with a dreary mood as we all got up to pack up our first bags. It was quiet in the dorms as people reflected on their semesters coming to a close. While cleaning up their personal spaces, many people came across various meaningful items that had been lost in their cluttered drawers. It was bittersweet to find things like old art projects, notes from friends etc. that brought back memories of the good times we’ve had throughout the semester.

In girl’s dorm, we had a “T-shirt swap” where we all traded our sending school T-shirts with other girls. This was a way for us to bring a piece of our friends back home with us and remember the great times we had with one another.

After we each packed up one bag, we were free for the day. Since it was our last Sunday exploration time it allowed us to spend some final quality time together. Even though it was rainy and cold it didn’t stop anybody from getting off campus and enjoying themselves. From snorkeling, to exploring the inner loop, to watching movies, we all enjoyed a relaxing Sunday afternoon with our friends. Though we are all melancholy thinking about saying goodbyes on Thursday, we’re all enjoying our final couple days here to the fullest.