Cacique Update November 17, 2011

by Caciques Franklin and AJ

The day before parent’s weekend was exciting and hectic with all the work that had to be done for preparation. We had Art and Human Ecology classes where we were preparing for our final projects by collecting data and finishing our final proposal papers before the busy week  ahead. The art gallery started to come together fast with all the hard work put in by every committee in the community; we bustled around trying to complete our assigned tasks. The decorations crew was busy painting waves, and cleanup crew completely cleared out the octagon where the show was put up. It turned out beautiful, the photos were posted all over the walls and paintings, sculptures, and drawings from students were put on podiums around the room. Students hung the jewelry made in art class on sea fans and final touches were put on to finalize the space. After our classes, everyone went out to explore near the marina and talked about the upcoming week, there was excitement and nerves, thinking about what our families would think about the newly improved students we’ve become. The countdown finally started, we were within 24 hours of seeing our families for the first time in 2 months.