Cacique Update September 27, 2011

by Caciques Tori O. and Forrest

Today we woke up at the regular time of 6:30 for run and swim track practices.  Run track completed a timed run of around four miles while swim track practiced sprints.  After breakfast we rotated between Literature, Math, and Histories class.  In Histories and Literature we had Harkness discussions, while in math we began our project on The Island School cisterns.  The project entitles students to try to answer the question: how do we most efficiently use our cisterns? By looking at data and talking to some of the staff we are going to try to problem solve and discover various ways to save water on a daily, and monthly basis.  The afternoon was filled with a two hour research block and shortened exploration time.  After dinner we had regular study hours and then lights out at10:30.