Cacique Update May 24, 2011

by Caciques Brett McQuaide and Katie Johnson

While writing our applications, many of us knew that we would be kayaking in the scorching sun for eight days. We had heard that we would be shaken out of bed by a Navy Seal to take part in grueling morning exercise, whether it be swimming with sharks or dodging traffic on the road to Deep Creek.  One thing we had not expected, however, was the rare opportunity to see where our meat comes from. After morning circle, every student had the option of participating in the harvesting of two of the school raised pigs. After establishing a respectful tone, we made our way to the farm where we were met by Joseph. He and Matt led us through the process of wrangling and butchering the two pigs. Once several students secured the pig, the life was ended quickly and humanely with a sharp knife held in a student’s hand. The power of the moment was captured in the student’s minds forever: the sound and the sight of it. The rest of the day fell in the shadow of the intensity of this experience.