Cacique Update April 5, 2011

by Caciques JP Ferro and Sarah Becker

Jumping into the refreshing ocean this morning was a wake up call for JP and Sarah. Right as we hit the water, we both realized that we were swimming in the ocean while our friends back home were sitting in math class getting lectured. Everyone came back to campus from morning exercise to their chores, which range from cleaning boys/girls dorm to feeding the goats on the farm. After an ocean shower and a nutritious breakfast students had classes followed by lunch. Research classes came in the afternoon. JP made clod cards with his lionfish team, which measure the ocean currents. Sarah had a discussion with her Biodiesel research team about upcoming events. Students had around 2 hours for personal exploration time today. JP went to the marina and watched sharks swim up to the dock while Sarah sunbathed and read Omeros, an epic poem that is a big part of our lives in literature. After a month on Eleuthera, lifelong friendships have been formed, there have been only a few sunburns, and only one sting from a stingray.