Cacique Update March 12, 2011

“Jumping into the Semester”

by Cacique Georgianna Anderson

Waves skipped upon the face of High Rock, as a student was perched on the lip of the cliff. Arms flailing, the student jumped into the water and slowly sank just below the surface. Rising, though salty eyes the student could see the faces of the peers who had jumped before them. After a two mile run the students and faculty arrived at High Rock to celebrate the ending of orientation. Each student and faculty member began his or her day by jumping off High Rock into the indigo water below to symbolize the official beginning of the 2011 Spring Semester. The day continued with a series of traditions and celebrations. The community spent the day at the Half Sound beach, providing each member of the community the time and opportunity to reflect on their experience so far. This day at the beach offered a refreshing break from the fast paced life normally experienced by Island School students. Softly lit with yellow lanterns the boathouse provided the perfect setting for the Closing Ceremonies. Brushed by the ocean breeze, students listened to respected faculty share their excitement about the upcoming semester. Each student was then able to sign the wooden plate centered in the middle of the boathouse floor. Prompted by “what each student would bring to the community this semester” the plate was soon marked with names and sacred words. It’s amazing that after only two weeks the connection each student feels for each other and the school is so strong. The presence of community ebbed and flowed among the students throughout this special day and will continue to go stronger through out the semester.