Cacique Update November 18, 2010


by Caciques Liam  Donovan Margaux Burnham

We woke up on the morning of Thursday the 18 exited to see our parents. But unfortunately before the arrived we had a list of thing to do the get everything ready, such as clean windows, make food for the art gallery, clean dorms and class rooms and pick up all of the lost and found. During the campus clean we were very off task, it was hard to concentrate because our parents were coming in a couple hours and we have not seen them for 2 months. As the minuets passed the arrival time came closer and closer. The parents started to trickle as the students were getting ready and waiting to be reunited with there families. All of the reunions were joyful, we were lucky to get to witness one precious moment between Brandon Gell and his brother. As Brandon and his little brother made eye contact across the circle they started running toward each other Continue reading

Cacique Blog November 17, 2010

“Our Old and New Families”

By Caciques Brandon Gell and Marianne Foss-Skiftesvik

After an exciting day of preparing for parents weekend, I can safely say that everyone in the community is itching to spend time with their families. It was right after dinner circle when I realized just how excited I was to see my family and show them everything I have done here. From how I have adapted to excel in my new home and how I have come to know this island like the back of my hand. I am excited to show my family my new friends and family here. I came to these realizations during an exercise Marianne and I led proceeding dinner circle. Continue reading

Cacique Update November 16, 2010

“You Can Sleep When You’re Taking the Dirt Nap” –Chris Maxey 

By Caciques Jackson Rafter and Louise Shiverick

Brandon poked me on my side, and I jerked up onto my side, ready to rush to get to morning circle. I glanced out the window to see the orange semi-circle peeking out of the horizon, melting in with the clouds. I looked around the room and noticed everyone was still sleeping, and remembered this wasn’t a normal morning. The faculty had put an extra Tuesday morning sleep-in on the schedule, a blessing, but my watch still showed 6:18, just like every morning. Why? Brandon had organized a morning free dive to the cage with Maxey, and I knew I couldn’t miss out. All night I had heard Maxey’s voice in my head: “you can sleep when you’re taking the dirt nap!” It would be so easy to go back to bed right now, I thought, now stepping outside, Continue reading

A Place of Meaning

This last week the literature department assigned students to write and perform their second round of punctuated personal reflective speeches.  This week’s topic: a 60-second speeches using a location on or near campus to tell a story about a pivotal, profound, or meaningful moment in their Island School semesters.  These speeches were an opportunity to ground their growth in their sense of place here: A Place of Meaning Speech.

Everyday: during lunch, after breakfast, in exploration time, during study hours (with a headlamp spotlight illuminating the performance) I met students in the locations they chose and learned about every emotional inch of this campus.  There was not a single speech that did not make me choke with pride, well-up with gratitude, or grow big eyed in awe of the momentous moments that these students are experiencing each day. And I thought to myself this morning, about to embark on my first Parent’s Weekend as a member of the Island School faculty, that there are a few things you should know about this place, before your arrival:

On girls dorm deck, someone talks to God, to the piercing bright glory of each twinkle looking down on her from the starry night skies. On the boathouse dock someone talks to her father, deceased. She heard him there, and realized there, that if he was there, then he will always be everywhere. A young man led me to a little sprouting palm, humble and barely a foot high.  Continue reading

Cacique Update November 15, 2010

“Morning Glory”

Megan O. - We woke up in anticipation for our practice research presentations.  We were nervous and excited to present in front of all the other research groups.  Half of us presented in the octagon and half of us presented in the presentation room.  We wanted to make our research advisors proud and make ourselves confident for the final presentations for parents on Friday.  We were critiqued by all the other groups, which really helped us perfect our Powerpoint presentations.  The amount of hard work that we showed today made the community appreciate the research that we have been conducting over the semester. Continue reading

Cacique Update November 14, 2010

“Like Any Other Sunday”

Caciques Tucker Beckett and Dorothy Long

Today was like any other Sunday, just another day of sleeping in and relaxing at the coffee house, decompressing after a long week of classes. It felt odd to be back into our old routine after the long weeks of kayak rotations, especially with the anticipation and anxiety for the big events of the weeks ahead looming over us. Parents weekend is right around the corner, and parents are already starting to trickle in to Eleuthera. There was also plenty of work stress to go around with research presentations just a day away, and every research group rushing to put the finishing touches on their individual shows. Continue reading

Alumni Spotlight–Evan Lutvak S10!

After concentrating on the production of biodiesel for his final Human Ecology project last semester, Evan Lutvak returned home and continued working toward his goal: to run his own car off of biodiesel.  Recently, we received this update from Evan:

“I have made a large, ten liter batch using the small processor I made out of a 25 gallon rainwater collegting jug and a paint mixer. I put a nozzle on the bottom for easy draining, and it worked like a charm. I am now looking into ways to make the process even more efficient. The fuel is working very well in the car, and it reminds me of The Island School vans every morning when I smell the exhaust.”

Evan is a great example of The Island School’s vision of “Leadership effecting change.”  Way to go Evan!  We are so proud to have you as part of our alumni community!

Cacique Update November 13, 2010

“Saturday Night Poetry” 

By Caciques Perry Leavitt and Chamon McIntosh

The following is a short Cacique Update in poetic form. Perry and Chamon are reflecting on the student’s Saturday night activity: watching the local Conch Stoppers men’s softball team play their second game of the season. A victory! The team is based in Deep Creek and stars many Island School and CEI staff members. Enjoy.

Crowding in the Bus

All students were prepared to watch the game

Cowls and heckles from students and locals

Intense moments where the umpire’s calls were


Under the bright lights

Everyone cheered when the Conch Stoppers caught the last ball

Sad to say the Day is over Cacique Perry and Chamon OUT.

Cacique Update November 12, 2010

“The Wise Octopus”

By Caciques Meaghan Kachadoorian and Hammy Wallace

Today, the 47 of us addressed matters that we really care about in our 3 hour Human Ecology block this morning. We have split up into our final project groups, and we spent the day in the field making our plans a reality. Some visited local farms to inquire about an all local meal (Meaghan), while others researched bio diesel production (Hammy). What we all had in common this morning was the initiative we took as leaders working for a greater change. After lunch, we had a long block of research. All over campus, groups were huddled over excel worksheets, Continue reading