Cacique Update – September 16, 2010

By Sasha and Chris P.

“I Never Thought I Could do That”

Although our tired bodies love the eight hours of sleep we get each night, we show up to morning circle bright and early to get a brand new start on the day. Today was the first trial of run track and swim track. This is one of the two days that we get split up into two groups; one group swims, while the other runs. The runners started off stretching and making sure their bodies were warmed up for the run, and then they started off on a four-mile adventure!

The whole group pushed each other forward and supported each other through the first of many runs to come. We all finished by touching the flagpole at the end of the run. It was amazing how every person in our community pushed one another in either swimming or running, just another way of how strong the community at the Island School is.

The rest of the warm weathered day was filled with adventurous classes and an exploration time where we got to explore the rest of “The inner Loop”. The Loop is an area that is free for us to explore throughout our free time. It’s amazing what you can discover in there! We finished off the day with an amazing cake made for our cacique, Chris Pibl on his birthday.