Cacique Update – September 1, 2010

Caciques: Garneisha Pinder and Clay Bales

Although we had a sleep-in today, it was hard to appreciate its true value considering 7:15 is an early wake-up for most throughout their summer. We began our morning activities with a class entitled “When are we?” This activity was guided by a quotation: “We are not here to learn about people from the past, we are here to learn from people with a past.” Based on this quotation, we split up into groups and became very curious audiences. Joseph, Justin, Marco, and Bernadette all spoke about their personal histories.  Through this, we were able to get a better understanding of how locals live on the island, how some arrived at the island, and the cultures that they come from. This activity made students acquire a common respect for the land and people around them.

The afternoon followed with a general tour of Cape Eleuthera. On this tour, we discovered our boundary lines (places we can and cannot go) as well as great local spots to explore. After this tour, many were extremely excited by all the natural resources around us, as well as the endless destinations to explore. This gave students a feeling of more freedom as well as responsibility.

The evening was capped off with two meetings; the first discussed the importance of safety and risk management. This meeting allowed students to understand the importance of taking care of each other as well as thinking critically in all situations.  The second meeting explained the importance of our schedule as well as how to read it. Our second full day at The Island School, like the weather we had, was mostly moments of sunshine with occasional showers of adjustment.