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Cacique Update: Kayak and SERT

Below are some highlights from our weekend of expeditions written by Henry, Molly, Corey and Julian, our first four caciques:

The weekend of adventures began bright and early at 6:30 am, June 25th.  Bleary eyed and tired, we wandered down the stairs to the boathouse, drybags bursting with all manner of camping tools, tents, dromedaries, and a number of unnecessary objects we shouldn’t have brought – this was after all, the second full day of Island School life, and we were already on our way to the first ever kayak trip. Almost every single mosquito on the island collectively decided to launch a full blown assault on the group of hapless Island School students, so we quickly packed up the kayaks and left. The two student leaders of the day (Henry and Corey) helped to keep the group in formation as the kayakers traveled around Powell Point and towards the planned final destination of Plum Creek, a few miles away. The group prepared well for their excursion, but as faculty member John Schatz puts it: “You are always at the mercy of the elements.” Strong winds a few miles past 4th hole beach created heavy chop and swells – difficult weather to kayak in even for expert kayakers, so the group wisely decided to turn back, and camp at 4th hole beach instead of trying to battle the weather and reach Plum Creek. The first Island School campout began with the kayaks running up onto shore, and the students promptly running into the water and snorkeling. The group then made its first ever trip to High Rock. Henry and Corey diligently passed the duty of Cacique to Molly and Julian. After a cookout and some delicious roasted marshmallows, the whole group enjoyed a sleep-in to 7 am.


1….2…3… SERT! 1…2…3…SERT! After an early morning exercise (a half mile swim) the group packed up their bags, and began on the first ever South Eleuthera Road Trip! (SERT) The trip began with an investigation to an abandoned airstrip, the Rock Sound caves, and Ocean Hole; where the group reenacted some Colonial Bahamian history. After a quick lunch we visited Coco Plums, where the famous Bahamian chef prepared us his legendary Conch Salad, and then headed out for another local Bahamian treat at Victoria’s and Henry’s refreshment shop complete with tamarind and passion fruit ice cups, and Goombay Punch the Bahamas only “official” carbonated beverage. We headed back to Island School campus where the other half of the group was returning their kayaks underneath the boathouse, and we all worked on cleaning out the sleeping tents, and drybags that we used the prior night. When everything was put away and the tents were hung up to dry, we had about an hour of exploration time that mostly everyone spent running off the dock and treading water talking about our first ever real Island School experience.