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DCMS Grade 8 School Without Walls

DCMS students are currently studying in their School Without Walls unit. Grade 8 is looking at the effect of plastics on the environment, ocean and human health. They are conducting sand samples at local beaches, trawling for plastic in the Exuma Sound gyre and will be writing speeches that encourage individuals to make a change to tackle the pervasiveness of plastic. At the end of their unit, they will conduct a youth conference to share their knowledge with other young people in Eleuthera.


DCMS Grade 7 School Without Walls

DCMS students are currently studying in their School Without Walls unit. Grade 7 is conducting an eco-system study of Jack’s Bay and comparing it to other marine environments like the reef at Fourth Hole. Next weekend they will travel to the Exuma Land and Sea Park for an overnight camping and snorkeling trip.  Student Zachary Carey took these photos of their snorkeling trip last week.


DCMS Student’s Book Buzz

“I just finished reading the most awesome book: Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. It’s about this boy who runs from place to place trying to find a home after his parents die. He has all sorts of adventures, like hitting the first frog home run, intercepting a quarterback whose never been intercepted before, and racing Mars Bars, the fastest and meanest boy in the East End (who ends up being his friend).

Maniac is the kind of character who sees the good in everyone and brings people together. No matter your race, everybody has feelings. Sometimes people think that Black people and White people can’t get along, but I learned from Maniac Magee that everyone can work together and be family.”

by Zachary Carey, grade 7

To support these students’ voracious appetites for books, please visit the DCMS Amazon Wish List. Books can be mailed or brought down live on The Island School Parents Weekend.

DCMS Students’ Halloween at The Island School

After dinner at the Island School, we played games and heard ghost stories for about 15 minutes.  We bobbed for apples and got to eat candy.  Then we split into two groups and started the tour of the haunted school.  The fist group went to an abandoned hospital (AKA the Med Room) where there was a nurse with a drill in her hand who chased us around.  There were other people with broken arms and fake blood on them crawling around and trying to catch us.  Then we went to the mental institution where a crazy person was playing with imaginary friends.  The lights kept going on and off and people were screaming.  Finally we went to the boat house where there were some dead people and scary noises.  This was the freakiest Halloween Party ever!


DCMS Students Visit Boarding Schools in the US

by Ashley Gibson, grade 9

The DCMS Grade 9 boarding school tour was spectacular! We woke up early Sunday, October 16th, 2011 and met at the Rock Sound Airport to begin the journey where we would interview at boarding schools in the U.S. for high school options.  From there we went to New Providence where we would soon board our U.S Airways flight to Washington D.C.  The flight to Washington was two hours but we were occupied with music and studying for our upcoming SSAT exam.

When we arrived to Washington we drove to Virginia. For that night we stayed in an old faculty house that belonged to St. Margret’s School where two girls interviewed and toured the next day. We then moved on to New Jersey where we stayed at the Maxey’s house.  On this journey we stopped in Downtown Philadelphia to try a famous “Philly cheese steak.” Continue reading

DCMS Softball Glove Drive

The students of Deep Creek Middle School need your help!


Our softball team needs spare baseball and softball gloves to help win their first softball game in the school’s history. Last year DCMS came so close to accomplishing that goal but fell short by just one hit or catch on multiple occasions. This year the students plan to break the streak and bring home a victory. DCMS has proven to have competitive, if not superior, teams in other sports like basketball, where the girls went undefeated and won the Eleuthera championship, and track, where DCMS won 20 medals at the all-island track meet. One of the reasons we haven’t had the same success in softball is our lack of resources. We don’t have enough gloves at the school to supply both our boys and girls teams. We managed last year by having our girls and boys practice on different days but it left no time for other activities like eco-club, drama and junkanoo. This year we have access to two different fields, so we now can have practices on the same day, however, we still do not have enough gloves. Some parents have already purchased gloves for the students, but since gloves run about $60 each that is not an option for everyone. Please help out the students of DCMS by bringing down any old baseball or softball gloves that you would be willing to donate when you come for Parent’s Weekend in November!

Thank you in advance from all of us at Deep Creek Middle School!

Caribbean Boarding School Fair Pre-Conference in Eleuthera

Deep Creek Middle School in conjunction with The Island School is hosting boarding school admissions officers in Eleuthera in November. It is a great opportunity for schools to get to know some of the local students who may be considering continuing their education in the U.S. for high school. As part of their time in Eleuthera, admissions officers would conduct a school fair, observe classes, and tour The Island School. It is a great opportunity for sending schools to spend some time at Deep Creek Middle School, as well as some time on The Island School campus. Please click here for more information.

Welcoming Nicoya!

Nikoya Taylor working in the kitchen

Nicoya Taylor, who is currently at Episcopal High School in VA and is a DCMS alum,  joins The Island School community as an apprentice, working to help ‘The Ladies’ in the kitchen. She shares her initial impressions below:

My first week working in the kitchen has definitely been a great experience. I’ve learned to appreciate so much by working with Sheryl, Tiffany, Mrs. Becca, and Ms. Mooch, such as the hard work the kitchen staff at my school put in during a regular school week. Although it may seem easy making dinner for an enormous number of staff and students everyday, isn’t as easy as many may think. I’ve learned so much from each of these intelligent ladies and I hope that this experience continues to be amazing throughout the remaining seven weeks.

Bein’ Green

Yesterday The Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) and The Ministry of Tourism organized a ceremony to recognize Deep Creek Middle School’s achievement of Green Flag certification.  Green Flag Certification is an international recognition, which is awarded to eco-friendly schools committed to environmental education and performance.

During the ceremony, Hyacinth Winder Pratt, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, congratulated the students for being a game changer as the first school in The Bahamas and the region to receive such an honor. She also recognized their commitment as an important contribution to preserving The Bahamas’ number one draw for tourism, the beautiful beaches, clean water, and environment. She went on to encourage the students to promise that they would get their parents, neighbors, and friends involved with promoting sustainability.

Also in attendance for the ceremony was Director of Sustainable Tourism, Earlston McPhee. “It is a great milestone that you’ve achieved. A small school of this size is setting the pace for the rest of the English speaking Caribbean,” said McPhee.

The DCMS Eco-Club led the school on its journey to receive the Green Flag with pilot projects like the creation of a recycling center where students recycled Capri Sun pouches, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. The Eco-club also imposed a fine of 50 cent to those students who use styrofoam containers in an effort to eliminate their use and installed fan and light timers to reduce electricity consumption. Continue reading